Kasasa Protect

Effective 3/1/2018 we have discontinued our Deluxe Provent Identity Theft product and are now offering KASASA Protect – Identity Theft product. We feel the new Kasasa product will better meet member’s needs while still providing the security you deserve!

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We’ve Got You Covered! Data breaches, credit card fraud, identity theft. There’s a lot to worry about. But you have Kasasa ProtectTM, so you don’t have to. Activate your Kasasa Protect today and enjoy access to a full range of personal defense.

The Kasasa Protect Suite
$4.99/Month Exclusive Pricing for KASASA CHECKING ACCOUNTS

Kasasa Protect’s monthly fee is automatically drafted from your checking account, so no additional checks to cut, lapses in coverage, or due dates to remember.

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With Kasasa Protect’s you will have all the benefits of:

  • Internet/Dark Web Survelliance
  • Restoration Service
  • Credit Report Monitoring
  • Credit Report
  • Credit Score
  • Lost Wallet Service
  • Public Records monitoring.

All of this for a lower rate than other top competitors (see comparison chart below). Then compare their benefits based off of their cheapest option against our low rate that will cover all of the benefits!

Price Comparison Chart
Cost (base packages, no sales) What you must pay to get similar benefits to Kasasa
Kasasa Protect $4.99 $4.99
Deluxe Provent $4.99-$20.97 $20.97 – Does not include lost wallet
Lifelock $9.99-$29.99 $29.99
Experian $9.99-$19.99 $9.99 – does not include credit reports
ID Watchdog $14.95-$19.95 $19.95 – Does not include lost wallet
Identity Force $17.95-$23.95 $23.95
What you get for the cheapest plan
Kasasa Protect Deluxe Provent Lifelock Experian ID Watchdog Identity Force
Price $4.99 $4.99 $9.99 $9.99 $14.95 $17.95
Internet/Dark Web Survelliance X X X X X X
Restoration Service X X X X X X
Credit Report Monitoring X X X X X
Credit Report X
Credit Score X X
Lost Wallet Service X X X
Public Records monitoring X X X

Employ around-the-clock protection against fraud and ID theft. Speak to an account representative about Kasasa Protect today.

  • For questions and initial setup, please contact us at (505) 766-5600 or visit one of our branches today.
  • For questions related to your Kasasa Protect account, call 1 (888) 483-3301.