Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is a discretionary overdraft service provided to members in good standing. Courtesy Pay covers transactions that would otherwise be denied or returned unpaid. It helps you avoid costly merchant fees and embarrassment while increasing convenience.

Courtesy Pay supplements the free overdraft protection that you set up from your First Financial Credit Union’s savings/line-of-credit loan to pay your checks to protect your checking account from going negative. If your overdraft protection from your other accounts is depleted, Courtesy Pay takes effect.

How Courtesy Pay Works

Courtesy Pay costs you nothing unless you use it, and is subject to a fee of $28 per instance. There are limitations on the total amount your account may be overdrawn, including fees. This amount is specific to your account and won’t exceed $500*. If there are insufficient funds to clear an item presented against your account, we may pay those items based on your Courtesy Pay limit.

Specific checking accounts that are no longer offered may have overdraft limits up to $1,500.

Check Cards and Courtesy Pay

The financial reforms of 2009 mandates that after July 1, 2010, First Financial may not pay overdraft transactions on your debit card transactions unless members have chosen this option.

If you would like to have First Financial authorize and pay overdrafts on your everyday debit card transactions, please print and fill out the form or use the online form below.

Printable Form

Online Opt In Form


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