Direct Deposit

End those hectic trips at lunch or after work to deposit your paycheck. Use direct deposit to have your entire paycheck or just a part of it automatically deposited to your credit union accounts. It’s convenient, safe and free to members.

At your credit union, you can have your paycheck distributed within your account — some to checking, some to savings, to make your loan payment, to your Christmas Club or IRA, even to another member’s account (for example, your child’s account). Up to ten distributions are possible.

Direct deposit is available from:

  • Credit Union-Affiliated Companies. Most companies affiliated with the credit union offer some form of direct deposit. Check with your company’s payroll office for more details.
  • Other Companies. If your company (or your spouse’s) offers direct deposit to the institution of your choice, you can have it deposited to First Financial. Check with your company’s payroll office for more details.
  • Social Security or Pension Checks. We have the forms to get your Social Security check deposited directly to your CU account. For pension checks, check with your pension manager.

To start direct deposit, visit your Human Resources or Payroll Department. You will need to be able to provide them with the following information:

  • Institution Name: First Financial Credit Union
  • Our routing & transit number: 307083694
  • Your account number. If you are having your direct deposit go to your savings, use your credit union member number (it’s the number on your membership card or on your monthly statement). If you’re having your direct deposit going to checking, use the number from the bottom of your checks.
  • Whether you want the funds to go to savings or checking.